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Cases Studies & References

Case Study 1













1905 Glory Restored

 Nick Burns a Hong Kong based Architect has restored his 1905 villa in Remuera to its former glory taking great care to retain the original features and using traditional construction methods.

The house was “completely remodelled both interior and exterior but had to keep with the original design from the era” says Construction Manager Nigel Mandeno.  Most of the original timber was recycled to be used on other areas of the house.  There were also a number of timber features crafted by carpenters specifically for this house including double sliding windows as no aluminium joinery could be used.

The coatings specified for this project required traditional finishes. On the exterior  great care was taken to maintain the circular milling cuts as the exterior coating was stripped back. On the interior a slightly amber tone was desired on the kauri floors therefore Cabots Cabothane was custom tinted to achieve the required appearance.

Over a year after the commencement, the final impact of this house is impressive as it looks just like a new house from 1905, which was exactly what the owner  requested and achieved.Attention: Ross Capel


Case Study 2

 Calder Stewart Construction Ltd


References: MTS Property Maintenance Limited 

To whom this my concern 

I engage with Ross Capel from MTS Property Maintenance Limited for the first time while I was working for Dominion Constructors. 

MTS got involved at a critical stage at the Quba Apartments, now known as the Aldina Hotel. We were at a stage where the nominated contractors couldn’t manage the back log of work and MTS managed to help us out. 

With the help of MTS we managed to get the project back on track and back onto budget. The estimate work they complete for us was in the region of $90 000.00 + GST and this included painting to walls, ceilings, staircases and structural steel. 

They have also been involved with me at my present company Calder Stewart Construction. They have been involved on the following projects, 9 Freight Place (ungraded of fire wall) and Lion Group (new steel canopy). 

I can highly recommend there services to anyone who wish to engage with them. 

All MTS staff always comes across professional and undertake all work to a high standard. 

If you require any further information do not hesitate to give me a call. 


Ryno Swanepoel 

021 358 502 

Quantity Surveyor 


Case Study 3


Bishop Gate Business Centre, Botany South


As Chairman of the Owners Committee, I wish to convey my thanks and appreciation for the work your company undertook at our complex.

Your team were very professional in their approach, and ensured that the owners and tenants were fully informed of the plan of works so as to cause minimal disruption to the businesses.

The standard of workmanship was excellent and we are very pleased with the finished product.

Thanks again

Yours faithfully

M H Hinton

Chairman of the Owner Committee




Case Study 4 


Toddlers Turf Childcare Centre Inc.

To whom it may concern
I first contacted MTS Property Services to request a quote.
Ray made prompt contact and came out to meet us and go over our requirements.
We are a busy not for profit, community based childcare centre and I explained we have lots of inquisitive
children around so it would take a bit of time management of both parties to coordinate the work needing to be done.
We also wanted to change the colour of the whole building fr4om a blue to a lighter colour.

Ray was very obliging with all of these requests.  I found him to be honest, knowledgeable as well as being able to offer viable suggestions.
I sourced three quotes for the same job and decided to go with MTS for several reasons…..
·        Their prompt service
·        The communication, we felt  informed and part of any decisions that needed to be made
·        The price, it was in the middle range, not the cheapest and not the dearest.  A fair price I thought at the time. 

Now the job has been completed I would class it as an awesome price for the result and the standard of work that has been carried out.
 John and his team arrived to do the work.  They were all courteous and very obliging.  Again the communication was great, attention to
detail was prevalent and time management was well managed.

Overall we were very pleased with the job and are happy to recommend MTS painters as competent professionals.
Kind Regards
Yvonee Grant
Centre Support Team Leader


14/27 Birdwood Ave - Mike Holland

First and foremost, thank you for a mighty job done extremely well by all.  A very slick team you have here .... impressive. 

I would be very happy to promote your services to my network in Auckland.  Your work and service is outstanding.


13 Weston Ave - Leonie Prictor

I would highly recommend MTS Property Services to paint the interior, having had the opportunity to have their expertise,

knowledge and most friendly service on my 3brm 1949 home in Papatoetoe just recently.  A special thank you to Justin

and Kevin's Paint Team, Marty the Plasterer and Ross my Team Manager for all their hard professional

work throughout the whole project.


190 Old Titirangi Road - Bron and Ken Collier

Just a quick note of thanks to you and your wonderful team for providing quick, efficient and professional service on the

interior painting of our home here in Titirangi.

We would like to make special mention of John your head painter for his diligence and attention to detail throughout his

time at our residence, along with his very friendly demeanor.

We had no hesitation in using MTS for this job after the very good work they did painting the outside of our home a couple

of years ago, and have passed on your details to our friends and acquaintances.


4 Castaway Place - Rob Reid

Everything is looking good.  Probably the only job we have ever had done with nothing to complain about.


Capri Construction







MTS Maintenance Program

A MTS Property Maintenance Program is a perfect option for any commercial and residential property owner who wants to maintain their properties with minimum effort and ensure maximum asset protection keeping exterior surfaces in premium condition year round. So don’t waste your weekends. A MTS maintenance program will take care of all maintenance and painting on an annual basis giving you a freshly painted look and keep up to date on all maintenance work.

  • Commercial interior and exterior painting

    MTS constantly strive to provide the best commercial painting services in Auckland. From estimation through to finish and follow-up; we have the expertise, experience, professionalism and resources to successfully manage any project regardless of scale, conditions and degree of difficulty. With guaranteed professionalism, friendly service and a team that consistently produces outstanding results, MTS has built a large base of commercial clients who regularly refer us to new customers providing ongoing repeat business.

    MTS are registered Master Painters with over 60 years experience in the industry

    Whether, you have have commercial office space that needs interior or exterior painting, factories, warehouses or commercial units that need a spruce up, MTS will look after all your requirements in a timely professional manner

  • Residential Interior and Exterior Painting

    MTS Painters Decorating & Painting is recognized in Auckland as leader in the industry. As master painters with 60 years experience, we take great pride in our standard of workmanship and offer only the highest quality painting services while remaining competitively priced. Preparation and attention to detail, reliability and friendly service generate regular repeat business and referrals.

    Whether you have one room or a whole house to paint, our friendly professional team will bring your home back to its prime condition and add value to its resale price

    Call us today and find out for yourself why so many of our customers are so happy with our work.

  • Property Maintenance Program

    MTS Property Maintenance Program is a perfect option for any commercial and residential property owner who wants to maintain their properties with minimum effort and ensure maximum asset protection keeping exterior surfaces in premium condition year round. So don’t waste your weekends. A MTS maintenance program will take care of all maintenance and painting on an annual basis giving you a freshly painted look and keep up to date on all maintenance work.

  • Roof Painting

    MTS offer comprehensive roof painting services. With 60 years experience and as Master painters we have the staff, the equipment and the know how to produce great results on a variety of Roof surfaces.

    We can recommend all materials required once the roof has been assessed and we have access to a wide range of weatherproof, hard wearing, exterior paints suitable for the roof of your property.

  • Deck staining and painting

    One of the many services provided by MTS is deck staining and painting.

    Left to weather naturally unstained and unpainted decks quickly lose their pristine look, sometimes quickly looking tired and lowering the overall impression of your outdoor entertainment areas. Staining and painting can quickly breathe new life into a deck and add perceived resale value. Our team understands how to prepare and maintain the finish on your deck to produce results you'll love!

  • Wall Paper Stripping

    Wallpaper stripping can be a tiring and messy job. Often wallpaper is hard to remove, especially in older homes and if there is more than one layer of wallpaper on the walls.

    MTS offer a professional Wallpaper stripping and removal service on your property. We have materials that make the wallpaper stripping experience a breeze. Our team will leave the job clean, tidy and ready to wallpaper or paint.

  • Plastering and skimming

    Plastering is considered by many to be an art form. The serious renovator will often choose to leave plastering to a skilled professional. MTS will get your plastering requirements done however big or small your job is. We have experience in plastering and skimming and can guarantee the highest quality and professional service and results.

  • Graffiti Management

    Graffiti is unsightly and destructive to any property. We have products and materials that will remove graffiti vandalism. MTS are happy to undertake contract based work for establishments which are targets of graffiti such as councils, hospitals, pub chains, theatres, cinemas and banks.

  • Lead based paint removal

    The removal of lead-based paint can result in harm to both the person removing the paint and people in the vicinity. It is not possible to identify lead-based paint by its appearance especially if a property is old. Inhalation of dust and fumes is the principal way lead enters the body, so paint debris must be prevented from becoming airborne during removal and clean-up. MTS provide a service for Lead based paint removal. Our team will remove all lead paint safely leaving you to relax and enjoy your home in comfort without worry.

  • Water Blasting

    Waterblasting your property is an excellent way to clean and maintain your property’s appearance. We have the experience to water blast your residential or commercial properties so as not to damage existing paint surfaces yet remove stubborn dirt and stains.

  • Eco Washing

    Eco washing your residential or commercial property is good for the environment and for the care of your property. The product we use is eco friendly and has maximum cleaning and sanitizing impact with minimum effect on the environment. Our cleaning agents are bio-degradable, non toxic and environmentally friendly. This is particularly favourable for vegetation and water runoffs.



Additional service include on inquiry:

  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • Tiling
  • Landscaping

MTS is a family owned and operated business with 60 years of industry experience. 60 years of creating outstanding results which is reflected in our fine attention to detail and uncompromising standards of excellence.

MTS painters was established in 2004 as a residential and commercial painting company and has had industry involvement since 1950 under an earlier trading name. MTS has acquired a good name as both residential and commercial painters because of its ability to undertake any project, be it small or large, and produce outstanding results while providing exceptional service. We joined the Master Painters Association to align ourselves with the most recognized professional body in the industry and to further our customer confidence. In doing so we are able to offer guaranteed workmanship and product guarantees in partnership with paint manufacturers. We also offer a yearly house wash and property reports service as we maintain the coating and achieve best possible longevity from the systems we apply. MTS Property Services hold the franchise to apply Nuplex waterproofing products and also hold an application license from USB industries for the application of Sheeprock Tuffhide Level 5 gib board surfacer. In recent years we have added Graffiti Management and Eco wash to our portfolio of services that also include: Interior and exterior residential and commercial painting, Roof painting, Wallpaper stripping, Lead paint removal plastering and gibb stopping.

Throughout all level of our business we actively promote:

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Commitment
  • Highly skilled tradespeople
  • Ultimately caring for you the customer

MTS Property Services is proud to annually support the following charitable organisations:

Special Children's Annual Christmas Parties

Young New Zealanders' Foundation 

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

Coastguard Services


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